Ghalee Dokhatr – A palace in the top of mountain


My friend and I went to Ghale’e dokhtar about two months ago ,this palace located in close of Firuzabad city
it was constructed by the Ardeshir babakan. the founder of Sassanid dynasty , at a key point adjacent
to the important Tangab pass.the time of constructing of the buliding was sometime between 212 and 224 that is the
beginnig of the uprising of Ardeshir the first and his victory over Artabanus the fifth, the last Ashkani King, for reach the castle you have to go up from upstairs when you get there you will be  amazed how they build this castle and on that time on the mountain the main material is stone and stucco and in some parts you can see the wide of the walls which in some parts is about 3 meters, imagine  a wall with 3 meters or its better to say imagine a castle with
high wall and huge dome on that time. It takes about 20 minutes to go to the top and there is no water or store on the top so take with your self, you can book your tour for there just send me email.

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