accommodation in Ghalat village

I just want to let you know that about 30KM far from Shiraz at the foot of a beautiful rock formation, lies charming historic village of Qalat and a very nice place to escape the city. somewhere less busy, noisy, crowded, Quaint and peaceful, where you can take a lazy morning stroll with a cup of fresh coffee, exploring old streets and passages without a care in the world.the mountains there is very attractive and nice for mountaineering , right now there is no Hotel in Qalat , and a few local people like me rent our house to our this is my flat called Sarv:

The Sarv flat

price :
type: private apartment
1 person: 20 Euro for each night with breakfast +free wifi
2 – 4 people: 60 Euro for each night with breakfast + free wifi
5-6 people: 75euro for each night with breakfast +free wifi

rooms: Double room + living room + kitchen

the bedroom suitable for two people and we will give to other people set of blanket and mattress.

to reserve please send me a text message via WhatsApp or Telegram to number: +989397992428 
or you can email me via [email protected]

location of the house is here: