Getting to Ghalat


where is Ghalat?

About 30 km Northwest of Shiraz, at the foot of a beautiful rock formation, lies charming historic village of Qalat. Quaint and peaceful, where you can take a lazy morning stroll with a cup of fresh coffee, exploring old streets and passages without a care in the world

how to get Ghalat(Qalat)?

there are three main way to getting here: by bus and by car and by train.

1-Take bus from the Qasrdasht Terminal:

the buses leave the terminal each half an hour, here is the google map location of Terminal:

Qasrdasht Terminal location

price for each person is about 10 cents and it takes about 50 minutes to arrive at Ghalat.
in the bottom map, I have mentioned the important stops for bus line 50.
when it arrives at Ghalat, Get off the bus at the last stop and you can get to the old village by walk and don’t need to take a Taxi there.

2-Take a bus From Shiraz city center

if you are somewhere in Shiraz city center you can take the bus line 148, which is the first Stop is next to Arg of Karim Khan(Karimkhan Citadel), here:

bus line 148 first stop

it has Also a few stops at Zand Street, then after about half an hour you will arrive at the Last stop called Bezin next to Bezin town(bezeyn) and you must get off the bus and then wait for bus Line 50 to take you to the Qalat that I have explained it above.

location of Bezeyn Stop

3-Take a taxi from Airport
if you want to get Ghalat from Airport it’s better to Take a private taxi which you have two options:
A. get a yellow taxi that the price would be: 5 euro( with Toman:15000)
B.get an Iranian Uber taxi which is called Snapp and I have explained here how to get Snapp:
How to get a taxi in Iran

4- Take a taxi or bus from railway Station

The station is here :
Shiraz railway Station
fortunately, Ghalat is very close to the railway station, it’s about 15 minutes with the car. if you are come to Shiraz with Train and you are going to get Ghalat you can wait outside of the station and wait for bus line 50 that has stopped there or better way take a private taxi which is the price is 1 Euro (toman 15000) in total not for each person.

don’t hesitate to contact me if you have a problem to getting to Ghalat.