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The First Polish Guests

The last week was very amazing for me and my family because we had two amazing guests from Poland , Alicja and her father Janusz which stayed for couple of days in our village, We shared...


a memorial from Qalat

I mentioned this post from my friend blog from USA about Qalat: **We’re currently enjoying the end of 2012 with my family in Oklahoma before we move to San Diego in January. Here, I...


Asheh reshteh

    Asheh Reshteh is a delicious hearty soup .  Reshteh in Farsi means noodles. This soup is made with Persian noodles which are flat, similar to fettuccine, but slightly less wide.  The noodles...


delicious Ash Reshteye kashki

This is  a traditional food that we call it (Reshteye kashki)  and it’s very similar to (ashe reshte) that i mentioned before just using curd on it  and very Delicious we use this as...