Category: Food

the most important things to do during your trip is a chance of having local food and meal, in this category I will put the meals which you should try before leave our city.


new experience with french couple in Qalat

Dear Yann and Celine they were couple from France and were my guests for about two days, as always its not enough time to visit all around and also discuss about too many topics...


The First Polish Guests

The last week was very amazing for me and my family because we had two amazing guests from Poland, Alicja and her father Janusz which stayed for a couple of days in our village, We shared...


a memorial from Qalat

**We’re currently enjoying the end of 2012 with my family in Oklahoma before we move to San Diego in January. Here, I get back to my last few posts about my six-week backpacking trip...


Asheh reshteh

    Asheh Reshteh is a delicious hearty soup .  Reshteh in Farsi means noodles. This soup is made with Persian noodles which are flat, similar to fettuccine, but slightly less wide.  The noodles...


delicious Ash Reshteye kashki

This is  a traditional food that we call it (Reshteye kashki)  and it’s very similar to (ashe reshte) that i mentioned before just using curd on it  and very Delicious we use this as...