We have always tried to serve our guests effectively so that we can provide them with good and memorable moments so we always consider our guests part of our family and share our home with them.
I humbly thank my guests for their wonderful reviews, the pleasure really is all mine.
Below are a few reviews from our guests in TripAdvisor

Paradise off the beaten track.
Now, there are so many cool reviews on Afshar’s and Sahar’s homely house I fully agree. But I’d like to add a few things: – The two young guys are improving the site rapidly. It used to be cool before but they are turning it into a gem.
Please see my pics. There is a perfectly clean washroom, but not yet a private one. Next time I will come over, I will bring pipes and appliances (yet banned by sanctions, as Mr President thinks whatever they woiuld make of them) – Bring your mountain boots and enjoy complete freedom at waterfalls or on different summits You will find trails for every condition and complexity – Flee Shiraz for some fresh air and great views. Then flee Qalat for some city vibes.
Then repeat. – There is a cool frequent bus line connecting with fairy-tale Shiraz. In Shiraz I recommend a Snap car to and from downtown.
– Be careful 1: Shiraz people somethimes encourage you demonstratively to enjoy some extra freedom in the City or in Qalat. And yes, police in the South appear more relaxed and tolerant. But at least in public places always stay guarded. –

Be careful 2: Afshar and Sahar are very special hosts as mentioned before. You can check out, but you will never fully leave

Superb mountain scenery and walking!
And so close to Shiraz! In a few weeks time when all the trees are green it will be spectacular!
We were a bit too early and had snow instead which was magic. The village is quaint and old.
We especially came to do some hiking and contacted Afshar Jokar having read VagabondHenry’s review. Afshar is fabulous and an extremely competent guide who loves the mountains he grew up in and he is passionate about sharing his knowledge about the area.
The gorge hike was superb and so was the aubergine stew he cooked!
We stayed with him and Sahar for 4 nights loving every minute of it. Sahar is not only a good cook she is a very creative artist, everything she makes has a story with deep meaning.
Go and see for yourselves it is an experience you won’t forget! We certainly won’t.

We went on a mountain hiking tour together with Mr. Afshar Jokar (+98 939 799 2428) around the Ghalat Old village. the hike (6 hours) was spectacular and included some scattering. Afshar knows the surroundings very well and it’s amazing how he finds his way, as there are no real paths and you really need a guide to get around. We visited in autumn, and the weather was perfect, spring also seems a good moment as some parts are more green. We also had the most delicious home-made lunch at his place. If you’re up for an active adventure around Shiraz, this is your tour.

if you want to see the nature of Shiraz besides its historical attractions, Qallat village is for sure the good choice. the weather is nice & clean, good place for trekking, listen to the sound of river beneath you. all make you relax. also there you can enjoy local foods & ice cream.

We stayed one night and one day in Ghalat at Afshar’s place. Afshar lives in a nice house inside the old village. We had our own appartment on the ground floor which was clean and spacious. We went hiking in the mountains with our host who knows very well the region. The road was very beautiful and the food delicious. We had a great time together. Thank you Afshar for everything !
Here is Afshar whatsapp number: +98 939 799 2428

We had a very nice day in Ghalat, just strolling through the old village, drinking tea and hiking up to the waterfalls. The mountains make some very beautiful views! Consider that it can get quite cold and windy in the mountains. The highlight of our visit was the night spent at Afshar’s homestay. We had very delicious traditional dinner together with Afshar and his wife and were chatting for a few hours about our cultural experiences. Also Afshar is a great guitar player and singer!
We definitely recommend it. You can contact Afshar via WhatsApp or email [email protected] / +989397992428

Great Place to escape busy Shiraz
I came across ghalat through meeting locals in Tehran.
It’s a historic hippie village 30 mins from shiraz, easily accessible by bus (no. 50 from qasr dasht bus station).
You can climb along the mountains and see the waterfalls (it was frozen when I was there) with a great view of the city.
My highlight was staying with Afsar and his wife. They have a nice quiet place to stay. They are v friendly and made some amazing eggplant and dizi food.
Their guest house is called Sarv Guesthouse and you can email Afsar at [email protected]

Peaceful oasis away from hustle and bustle of Shiraz
If you ever happened to be in a city of Shiraz, you must visit old village of Qalat. Its only 30 or so kilometers away from Shiraz, so there’s absolutely no excuse not to go there. In fact i would recommend to use Qalat as a your base camp from where you can easily reach Shiraz by bus or taxi. Its very quiet and quaint place, right next to majestic Qalat mountains. And if you like your hiking/climbing there’s no better person than Afshar Jokar to take you on a trek you will not forget in a hurry. He’s professional mountain guide, who knows the place like a back of his hand. You can also stay with Afshar and his lovely wife Sahar at their house. They’ll truly make you feel at home. Always there to help you with anything you need. Once you’ll try Sahar’s home cooked meals you will never ever want go to a restaurant!
And do yourself a favour and ask Afshar to take you on amazing trip to visit ruins of ancient military fortress, perched on top of a hill, surrounded by one of the best mountain scenery you’ll ever encounter. It’s an absolute must do!
So if you’re planning to visit Qalat just drop Afshar email to [email protected], head to Qalat and enjoy your stay for as long as you can!