new experience with french couple in Qalat


Dear Yann and Celine they were couple from France and were my guests for about two days , as always its not enough time to visit all around and also discuss about too many topics but in this short time we had chance to visit Qalat nature and Persepolis, at home we made some chicken Kabab and my mother made some delicious food called Tah Chin ,Tahchin (also spelled as: Tah Chin, Tah-Chin) (Persian: ته چین‎‎) is an Iranian Rice cake that includes rice, yogurt, saffron, egg, and chicken fillets. It is also possible to use vegetables, fish, or meat instead of the chicken fillets.they were Curious to know about our culture so I tried to explain for them  our lifestyle , I took them to Persepolis and guide them there and all by all it was a good experience and I hope to made nice time for them

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