go to mountain with my close friend


My friend and I went to  the mountain yesterday, we stied night at  Kotambasi, the night was very beautifull and sky with full of stars,the weather was climate and we had a sleepbag for night, we woke up at 6am and take our stuff and went to EshkaftGeli and had breakfast there and after short resting we have moved to higher place called Ou HoseinDarvish and we just check the spring there and then we have moved to pick ,after reaching top,we went to east side of the mountain to go to a place where like a cave and it has a spring inside that you can see photos of that place after text,on that place we made launch with some meat and fries onion and tomato which was very deleius, we put the potatos buttom the fire, you should try this, and in evening we ate with black pepper and salt,and after that we have moved back to our house, it was nice day that i was written for you

IMG_20150814_075752 IMG_20150814_120555 IMG_20150814_120706 IMG_20150814_154348 IMG_20150814_164556 IMG_20150814_164612 IMG_20150814_164621 IMG_20150814_164756 IMG_20150814_164843 IMG_20150814_194450

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