From Italy to shiraz and Qalat


I think the best thing that might happen to someone is learning from another people experience that it happend for me when I visited Mr valentino from Italy, He was my guest for about two days and we have shared our experience about culture , music , … to each other and it was fantastic for me , he taught me how to play some flamenco chords and rhythm and these days I have got some motivation to continue and excersice guitar again cuz I have quitted playing guitar for many years , we also went to Qalat waterfall and hiking there and went to Persepolis and Necropolis, Our suit that we rent to tourist was full on that time so I hosted  him to my parent house  and you know in this way you can feel and realize the way that people from another country  living,   more close, we made Kabab actually chicken kabab and drink some juice and talk about some topic about our culture with my parents.

thank you my friends for nice thing that you given me.

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