Ghalat climbing notes


  • Elevation: 2990 m
  • Difficulty: Technical Climb
  • Best months to climb: January, February, March, April, May
  • Convenient center: Shiraz 

Ghalat mountain is located north west of Shiraz-fars province in Iran. The appearance is like the Rocky Mountains. Ghalat mountains have an almost red colour.

The height of mountains are almost 2888m. There are more than seven falls which some of them are seasonal falls. The height of falls almost goes to 50m to 100m and some of their names are Paye Takht (honour to coming king Mohammad Reza and Queen Farah to Ghalat and people made seat place near fall among rocks for them), Goreye Siyah, Tabgah, Sohonak, o ardbizak, nosare misho and Soley Shoparak (seasonal fall). Ghalat forest is the biggest natural forest park of Shiraz.

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