Autumn in the Qalat of shiraz


These days in first of autumn we have beautifull nature in Qalat with nice view , Trees color changed and some fruits are ready to use , you know this season is very useful for Photographer student college who want to take photos from nature , the best places to take photo these days are some hills around the village like Tol Barzegari or OU Surak hill and the best time is in early morning , some people ask me what is the best way to get Qalat From shiraz and I always said its very easy go to Qasrodasht or in persian(قصرالدشت) bus station it;s located in north west of Shiraz and seat in the Bus line number 50 that leave each 30 minute to Qalat, the price for now 2015/31/10 is 700/toman or about 20Cent for each person and then when you get the Qalat take off the bus from last station and after that you can go to old village by walk , If you have any question dont hesitate to contact me , at the end I attached some of autumn photo of Qalat .

IMG-20151030-WA0002 IMG-20151030-WA0006 IMG-20151030-WA0007 IMG-20151030-WA0009 IMG-20151030-WA0013 IMG-20151030-WA0014




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