Shiraz Margoon waterfall


My friend and I went to Margoon waterfall about three weeks ago the Margoon village   is 45 km north of Sepidan town  and about 1:30 hour from Qalat  and because of being in a mountainous area, it enjoys a mild and moderate weather in spring and summer. But it is cold in the other two seasons of the year.. The village is one of the beautiful areas and summer resorts in Fars province and used to host many nomads of the region in the past. With the passage of time, this summer resort has been changed to a permanent residential area and has got the name Margoon.However, natural attraction of Margoon village is not limited to what we have mentioned so far. Ranj mountain peak, with an altitude of more than 3600 meters, is located in the southern parts of the village. This mountain peak which leans against the surrounding mountains like a huge erratic piece of rock, is visited by many mountaineers and lovers of nature. As another interesting tourist attraction site, we can point to Shekarak ski resort which hosts many skiers and tourists during winter. Earlier in the program, we mentioned the name of Barm-e Firooz mountain peak. On the way to this peak there are more than 260 small natural pools. The path to this peak is full of water reservoirs. Spring is the most suitable season to visit these beautiful natural pools. And finally, visiting the nomads residing in the area, and also the villagers in their local clothes can be very fascinating for tourists. People who visit Margoon village take walnut, honey, and gold fish as souvenirs. Margoon is accessible via an asphalt road from Sepidan town and also the city of Yasooj, anyway m when we arrived there make some tea and traditional food made by tomato and onion which you can see on my photos , sorry for low resulation photo because I took them with cellphone.

if You would like I can take you there and it needs full day to visit waterfall and another sightseeing close to there, hope to see you soon 😀

IMG_20151009_142709 IMG_20151009_143529 IMG_20151009_143541 IMG_20151009_143546 IMG_20151009_143555 IMG_20151009_143632 IMG_20151009_143706 IMG_20151009_143832 IMG_20151009_144308 IMG_20151009_144316 IMG_20151009_145307 IMG_20151009_145311 IMG_20151009_145323 IMG_20151009_150815 IMG_20151009_154640


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