Bendix & Jefim From Germany

this is Jefim from Germany ,We spent 2 very nice days with Afshar in the beautiful village of Qalat. Afshar hosted us in the house of his family, where he and his family made us feel comfortable and most warmly welcome, accomodated us with whatever we needed and cooked delicious food for us (kheili khoshe!). He dedicated his entire weekend to us, taking us to many nice places and making the best of our stay. He took us on a thrilling Offroad Jeep-tour, made music with us, showed us the charming and beautifully located old village of Qalat and made the places more lively by telling his own childhood memories about it, showed us the nice nature around (mountain, forest and waterfalls), treated us with the best icecream in the world, drove us to the impressive sight of Persepolis and provided us with plenty of expert knowledge about it, and took us on a very nice hike on the beautiful Qalat mountain with stunning views and a nice picknick with his lovely family. Thank you sooooo much for the great time in Qalat, Afshar!
Bendix & Jefim










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