mountaineering climbing with Esteghlal ski and mountain climbing group


We went to the mountain with esteghlal group yesterday, First we went to Geli cave nonstply, and ate the breakfast there, And then headed to the to mountaintop. It was the first time I was seeing so many ladybirds! They were every where. so  amazing AND beautiful.  after we reached the mountaintop and spend a few minutes talking and drinking tead, we headed back and went to katahmaseb vein, And ate the lunch there. After that we rested for couple of hours and we got back to the old village. and drank a glass of yammy carrot juice in Daloon cafeeshop and talked about future plans. That was a wonderful day. Hope we can have you here next time.

DSCF0523 DSCF0510 DSCF0502 DSCF0497  DSCF0481 DSCF0472 DSCF0465

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